One of the more common rumours about the next-generation iPhone is that it will have an elongated Home button that supports left- and right-swiping gestures.

This week further evidence that both supports and contradicts this belief has been found online. First up there are some screen protectors supposedly for the iPhone 5, reported by Unwire in Hong Kong and spotted by MacRumors, that show a much wider space for the Home button than would be required on the current generation of iPhones.

However, the screen protectors contradict supposed iPhone 5 components discovered by the How To Arena website earlier this week, which spotted them on a Chinese manufacturer's website described as an 'iPhone 5 Home Button Flex Cable Ribbon Circuit Repair Part'.

The part seems to be near-enough identical in size to the Home button of the iPhone 4. So which, if either, component is genuine? It could be that Apple is planning to launch two new iPhones, one with an elongated Home button and one much more similar in design to the existing iPhone 4, of course.

What's interesting about the screen protectors, though, is that they are bigger than the iPhone 4, as Unwire's pictures show. There has been some speculation that the iPhone 5 could be wider than its predecessor to fit in a larger touchscreen.