Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 yesterday, confirming the rumours that the new device would have a 4in display and smaller dock connector. But what does this mean for third-party accessory makers?

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Lynette Prigmore, Head of Product at British accessories manufacturer Proporta, said: “After months of rumours and leaked images leading up to the Apple announcement, we’re really pleased to see Apple live up to the expectations surrounding the iPhone 5.”

“At 7.6mm thin, weighing 112 grams and made from glass and aluminium, this is definitely going to be an iPhone in need of protection.”

“The new form factor means it’s a race against time for the accessories market,” Prigmore continued, explaining that the Proporta design team worked through the night to produce some additional case designs for the iPhone 5.

Dan Ashman, Head of Product at Breffo, the company behind the Spiderpodium, said: “The new iPhone 5 presents a huge opportunity for the accessory industry especially with the 80 per cent smaller adapter. The quick launch to market means we will be able to have a good hands on review and start developing novel accessories to compliment new features and slick styling of the iPhone 5 very quickly.”

“In the meantime,” Ashman continued, “good news for Spiderpodium devotees though, as our design team has confirmed that the new dimensions will mean the Spiderpodium is perfectly compatible with the new device!”

Cygnett’s Marketing and Creative Director, Sophie Swann, told Macworld that she is glad to see that the iPhone 5 confirms the speculation about the taller display. “The iPhone 5 looks like a lithe, long, leggy supermodel,” she said.

“At Cygnett, we’ll have a pretty thrilling range of iPhone 5 cases available,” Swann continued. She explained that the current cases and accessories that are available from Cygnett won’t suffer from the new iPhone’s form factor. iPhone 4 and 4S cases will be available for those that decide to keep their current devices, or those who opt to buy the cheaper predecessors to the iPhone 5.

As for Cygnett’s audio products, Swann explains that the company’s newest speakers are all Bluetooth, meaning that they’ll still be compatible with the iPhone 5 despite the new dock connector.

Susan Lazareff from accessories maker QDOS said: “The new form-factor will require a completely new range of cases and we have been working hard on our new Core Collection of 9 QDOS cases for iPhone 5.” 

“QDOS are continuously working on both new production techniques and innovative uses of new materials. We are particularly please with results we are achieving for upcoming products featuring crystals under glass, metal on TPU, personalised buttons and many other designs that will appear in time for Christmas.”

We’ll continue to update this story as we hear more from accessory makers about the iPhone 5.

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