Photographs showing what is claimed to be the iPhone 5C's logic board surfaced online over the weekend, ahead of Apple's 10 September event that's expected to see the unveiling of the cheaper iPhone and the iPhone 5S.


The leaked images, which were shared on Chinese microblogging side Sina Weibo and highlighted by, show a logic board that allegedly belongs to Apple's rumoured iPhone 5C.

While it's difficult to find out much about the logic board shown in the images thanks to the protective EMI shielding, some minor tweaks can be spotted in the parts that have been left uncovered.

The accelerometer appears to have been moved from the position it currently resides in on the iPhone 5 logic board. Additionally, a flex cable connection point appears to have moved to the front of the logic board.

Otherwise, though, from what we can see in the images the logic board is very similar to the iPhone 5's. It's expected that the iPhone 5C will have the same 4in display as the iPhone 5 (and probably the iPhone 5S).

One of the main differences between the two models is expected to be the casing, which is rumoured to be plastic for the iPhone 5C rather than the iPhone 5's aluminium. It could also come in multiple colours.

We expect to officially see the iPhone 5C announced tomorrow at Apple's special event. We'll be covering it live from 6pm, so tune in to our live feed tomorrow to find out the news as it happens.

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