Apple's 10 September event saw the unveiling of not one but two new iPhones, the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s. With the announcements came a flurry of reactions, and later, hands-on first looks of the new devices.

Here, we round-up the reactions and initial impressions of the iPhone 5s from the world's media and from potential customers.

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iPhone 5s reaction: New colours


The iPhone 5s will be available in three colours: Silver, Space Grey (which is essentially the black model) and a new Gold option. We were dubious about the gold version of the new iPhone, but the verdict seems to be that it's not so horrible after all.

Macworld US reporters were among those to get their hands on the iPhone 5s at Apple's event last night, and agreed that the gold colour is more of a muted metallic shade that's the gold equivalent of the iPhone 5's silver.

Elsewhere on the web, the Verge notes that the gold iPhone 5s "actually looks better in person," while CNet's review calls the shade "pale and shimmery."

TechCrunch says that the gold colour is "actually pretty easy on the eyes in person," while Business Insider says "it's actually beautiful."

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iPhone 5s reactions: Performance

The iPhone 5s has received some significant spec boosts, with the introduction of a 64-bit processor and a new M7 chip. We found that it was speedy and snappy, and that iOS 7 looks great.

We can't yet confirm whether Apple's claims of the new iPhone being twice as fast as its predecessor are true, but we'll be bringing you our benchmark test results as soon as we get an iPhone 5s of our own.

On the subject of performance, The Verge says that, while using the iPhone 5s, "everything felt fast and fluid – although the animations in iOS 7 are still a little slow to our taste."

The iPhone 5s's battery life hasn't improved much since the iPhone 5, which is a disappointment for some.

"It's the one area of smartphone technology that is just crying out for innovation and Apple – along with the rest of the industry – have failed here," writes the Independent.

iPhone 5S reactions: Touch ID fingerprint sensor


Overall, hands-on reviews of the iPhone 5s seem to agree that the iPhone 5s Touch ID fingerprint sensor is impressive. It made us feel a bit like we were in the future and is really easy to configure and use.

CNet writes that the technology is "surprisingly easy and fast," while Ars Technica notes that it worked "flawlessly," as does TechCrunch.

The Verge believes that the Touch ID fingerprint sensor could be "a bigger deal than you think."

TechCrunch says that the new Home button is "not only very impressive in practice – it looks good too, with the stainless steel ring adding considerably to the device's aesthetics."

"I think adoption of [fingerprint scanners] will definitely be much faster than you might expect," TechCrunch adds.

The Financial Times writes: "Some law enforcement authorities have criticised Apple, Samsung and other smartphone makers for not doing enough to prevent thefts of their devices. The fingerprint reader, alongside other security features in iOS 7, will help to address this problem."

However, you might think that the fingerprint sensor would open up lots of new possibilities to developers, right? As highlighted by All Things D, that's not the case.

"Perhaps the most surprising thing about the fingerprint reader on the iPhone 5S is the fact that it can only be used to do two things - unlock the phone and verify iTunes purchases. Apple senior vice president Phil Schiller confirmed to AllThingsD that developers won't get access to use a fingerprint as a means of authentication."

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iPhone 5s reactions: The camera

Not much can be said about the iPhone 5s camera yet, as the brief hands-on opportunity that Apple gives the media doesn't provide enough time to test the camera properly.

We expect to see much better results, though, as Apple has made some significant improvements. While still 8-megapixels, it has a new lens and improved sensor that aims to provide better low-light results, as well as a dual LED 'True Tone' flash.

iPhone 5s reactions: The conclusion

The reaction to Apple's iPhone 5s has been positive overall, although there does seem to be less excitement surrounding it than we've seen in previous years. Perhaps that's due to the new arrival: iPhone 5c, which stole some of the limelight during Apple's event.

CNet believes that the iPhone 5s is a "little same old, same old," while The Loop's Jim Dalrymple writes: "I honestly wasn't sure how I'd feel about the gold iPhone 5S, but I think it's the one I would buy. Typical of Apple, it's a gorgeous looking phone."

The Guardian concludes its hands-on review by stating: "Smartphones aren't all about internal specifications, and are much more about experiences, which is something Apple is very good at delivering. Combined with the new iOS 7, the iPhone 5S should be very good indeed.

Overall, we're quite impressed by the new iPhone 5s. We were expecting that it would look more or less the same as the iPhone 5, and it does, besides the new colour and the ring around the Home button.

The A7 chip, camera upgrade and fingerprint sensor are the stand-out selling points of the iPhone 5s, and, so far, all seem to be impressive.

iPhone 5s Twitter reaction

Below are some further reactions from Macworld readers on Twitter.