Thousands of disappointed people are leaving the queues outside Apple Stores around the UK empty handed because iPhone 5s stock is so low that in many places the phones had already run out by 8.30am.

Severe shortages of the flagship handset mean that Apple fans are either settling for the iPhone 5c, of which Apple appears to have multiple handsets available, or heading home empty handed. Indeed, Apple is allowing some customers to purchase as many as 10 iPhone 5c handsets.

For those luckily enough to actually get their hands on an iPhone 5c, it appears that the Space Grey was in greater supply than the gold and silver versions, both said to have sold out very quickly.

If you'd have been quick, you could have picked up am iPhone 5s on eBay for a mere £2,050. That phone was in an auction and just minutes before the auction closed at 11.04am it was at £1,220 - there were 54 bids in the auction, and the lucky winner also had to fork out £8.75 for postage, with delivery expected tomorrow.

If you are desperate to get your hands on an iPhone 5s you can order it on the Apple online store. However, delivery dates for all version of the iPhone 5s have now slipped to October.

Similarly delivery sates from the Carphone Warehouse are now 4 October for the silver and gold models. However, that site seems to still be offering the black iPhone 5s.

We have been unable to confirm if stocks of the iPhone 5s are still available at the Carphone Warehouse as their phone number appears to be engaged…

Other networks have reported that stock was severely limited to start with with the iPhone 5s being "drip fed". 

Did you join a queue today? Did you manage to get an iPhone 5s? 

Watch our video report from outside the Regent Street Apple Store in London.