One thing we can be pretty sure of, Apple will not be announcing a new iPhone tonight. Despite this, two reports have appeared claiming to have some insight into what we can expect from the next iPhone.

First up, The Wall Street Journal claims that the new iPhone will launch this autumn but it will be pretty much the same as the current iPhone.

The WSJ sources said it won't be "dramatically different" to the current model.

This backs up our own theory, we believe that when Apple installed machines in store to repair the screen on the iPhone 5 that was a good indication that the company would not be launching a iPhone with a bigger (or smaller) screen.

However, other reports suggest that when it launches the iPhone 6 will have a larger screen, however according to analyst Glen Yeung of Citi Research that model, with its 4.8-inch screen won't launch until next year.

Yeung believes that the iPhone 5S "has been delayed by two to four weeks".

Yeung also told Cnet that a new slimmer iPad may launch in September.

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