Companies are being offered a 'crowdsourcing' marketing research platform, via the Apple iPhone, that pays respondents.

Field Agent has launched the "App that Pays", a data collection iPhone application that is aimed at the field marketing industry.

The company said it was using 'crowdsourcing' where, instead of companies deploying a dedicated field team, information is gathered from people who are already in the area and have been given a time limit to complete a marketing task.

This means companies can potentially get accurate data from across the UK faster and in a more cost-effective way, said Field Agent.

The "agents" benefit too, as anyone with an iPhone can download the app for free, and carry out a task or answer survey questions earning a minimum of £2. They would be paid via PayPal as soon as the job is accurately completed.

Apple iPhone

Field Agent's platform sees companies offering marketing research tasks to iPhone agents in seven categories. They are "yes/no", free form, price check, count, multiple choice, five-point scale and photo request.

Job pricing, timescales and detailed task information are provided and the agent only gets paid via PayPal after the accurate completion of the job. There is no minimum order or contract.

Agents can be offered jobs based on their location via GPS technology enabled on their smartphone.