Today's remains include the incredible story of a soldier who was saved by his iPhone while on duty in Afghanistan, the Oscar-winning documentary that was made possible by the iPhone and an app, the news that Apple has abandoned its 'Newton' trademark and the latest Apple job listings that suggest Maps improvements are on their way.

iPhone saves life by deflecting bullet

A soldier in Afghanistan has revealed that an iPhone saved his life when he was shot in the thigh while on duty by deflecting the bullet.

KTVA reports that 22-year-old Alaska-based soldier Joel Stubleski was shot while returning from a mission in Eastern Afghanistan. When medics cut off his clothes and searched his pockets, they found his iPhone with a bullet hole through it, and believe that the device is likely to have altered the trajectory of the bullet to avoid a major artery.

Stubleski says that he and his friends now joke that they should replace their body armour with iPads.

As a reminder of the incident, which has left him with long-term leg injuries that sometimes cause him to struggle when running or skateboarding, Stubleski had a custom cover with a photograph of his life-saving iPhone made to protect his new one.

Apple abandons 'Newton' trademark

Apple has officially abandoned its 'Newton' trademark, Patently Apple reports.

The Canadian IP Office database shows that the trademark, which was most recently renewed in 2010, was officially deemed abandoned on 12 February.

Apple's Newton platform ended its life in 1998, just over ten years after development began. Newton devices included the MessagePad PDAs and the eMate 300.

Oscar-winning movie made possible by iPhone

The winner of 2013's Best Documentary Feature Oscar, Searching for Sugar Man, wouldn't have been completed without the iPhone.

Mashable reports that the film, which was shot primarily on 8mm film, ran out of funding before being finished, so director Milak Benjelloul used his iPhone and the £1.49 8mm Vintage Camera app to film the last scenes.

Searching for Sugar Man is about the 1970s musician Rodriguez, and follows the journey of two of his fans as they attempt to uncover the truth behind his disappearance from the music scene. You can watch the trailer below:

Apple hiring new Maps specialists

Apple is looking for new specialists to join its Maps team.

This week, Apple has posted a job listing for a 'Maps Ground Truth Data Specialist' in Australia, who will check "changes to map data, provide feedback on unique local map requirements, collect ground truth information, and evaluate competing products," reports MacRumors.

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Last week, Apple posted an additional seven map-related job listings as it aims to improve its widely criticised mapping service. Apple Insider highlights the listing in search of a computer-vision expert whose responsibilities include improving the 3D Flyover feature of Apple's Maps.

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