Apple's iPhone is the most in-demand and the most satisfying phone to own, new research claims.

New research from ChangeWave claims record numbers of consumers are abandoning basic phones for more advanced models – with Apple's iPhone and Research-in-Motion's Blackberry leading the trend.

The January survey of 4,182 consumers focused on key market share changes among manufacturers and service providers, and the results caused the researchers to note a "seismic shift" in the industry.

Among respondents who said they plan to buy a new phone in the next six months, the Apple iPhone with 17 per cent of votes remains the top choice. And 72 per cent of those surveyed who already own an iPhone said they were "very satisfied" with the device.

Apple's main competitor seems to be the Research In Motion BlackBerry, the second favourite choice among those planning a new phone (15 per cent). 55 per cent of RIM users were "very satisfied".

Motorola with 11 per cent of the future purchase market continues "a horrendous slide that began immediately after Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ announcement of the iPhone," the research claims.

Palm (30 per cent) ranks at the very bottom in terms of customer satisfaction, while Motorola (34 per cent), Sony/Ericsson (34 per cent) and Samsung (34 per cent) are all tied in next-to-last place.

Just 23 per cent of respondents plan to buy a new mobile phone in the next six months, the researchers added.