Apple's iPhone was a dominant force in search according to the latest Google Zeitgeist for 2007 results.

Announced every year, Google Zeitgeist assembles interesting search trends and patterns which are based on the billions of searches conducted on Google. These statistics and trends are assembled each year and disclosed by the company.

This year's Zeitgeist shows that, whatever the level of controversy, and whether any specific individual is pro- or anti-iPhone, Apple successfully achieved world-class awareness of the existence of the device.

Apple's iPhone was the fastest-rising search term for 2007 internationally and in the US. Stories pertaining to the iPhone show as the sixth most popular subject area on an international basis, behind WWE wrestler, Chris Benoit, the cricket World Cup, Britney Spears, YouTube and American Idol.

Legal matters, also: the iPhone lawsuit (presumably the initial litigation between Cisco and Apple over use of the iPhone name) was the world's third most searched for litigation (behind lawsuits concerning Borat and Vonage)

Another interesting Apple-related aspect of the report relates to iTunes. Searches for iTunes exceeded those for Limewire or BitTorrent in 2007, perhaps a significant watershed in the presentation of legitimate alternatives to piracy.

In compiling the 2007 Year-End Zeitgeist, Google studied the aggregation of billions of search queries people conducted on its service. The company states that no individual searcher's information was made available to it. Except where noted, all of these search terms are most popular for, in the US.