More than a quarter of AT&T customers and about a quarter of Verizon customers say they are willing to wait in line on Feb. 10 to switch over to Apple iPhones that will run on Verizon's 3G wireless network.

This according to an online panel survey of 700 smartphone users conducted by market researcher uSamp

While customers in those parts of the country being whacked with snow, ice and sub-freezing temperatures will need likely need to brave the cold, they aren't indicating any cold feet about making a switch to Verizon for the iPhone.  Verizon, in fact, set a sales record when the iPhones became available for pre-order on Wednesday. 

The survey, conducted in late January, backs up earlier reports from other researchers that there's a strong desire by existing iPhone customers to defect from AT&T

USamp  found that 26% of AT&T iPhone smartphone customers intend to switch to the Verizon iPhone on the day it becomes available. However, 47% said it's very unlikely they will switch and another 12% say it is somewhat unlikely  that they will switch.

Frustration over dropped calls is the No. 1 reason AT&T iPhone users want out. Though AT&T customers did express concern about what impact the iPhone business will have on Verizon's network performance (Verizon this week said it is going to put bandwidth hogs on a data diet, but indicated this plan is unrelated to the iPhone coming to its network.) 

Verizon customers, though, are ready to go. Some 54% say they are either very or somewhat likely to switch right away.  Two thirds of Verizon BlackBerry customers surveyed are ready to switch and about half of Verizon Android phone users are ready to do the same.

The iPhone's features, memory and more are draws for these customers.