Astaro Corporation is offering iPhone support to virtual private networks controlled by its Astaro Security Gateway appliance.

This support allows iPhone users to connect to such networks using their home and business networks. It means iPhone users can access email and internal sites protected by Astaro's security solution.

The company claims setting the system up requires just a few clicks to create VPN access on the Astaro appliance side.

Astaro's product offering is available commercially for business, the company also offers a free home user license which offers protection to ten IP addresses.

"As an Apple iPhone user myself, we have made it extremely easy to access networks protected by Astaro Security Gateway" said Gert Hansen, chief security architect and co-founder of Astaro. "It's a great feeling to
provide everyone with an iPhone the ability to connect to their networks for free. It turns the iPhone into a real business tool, albeit a very stylish one."

Astaro has created a configuration guide providing step-by-step instructions on how to configure Apple's iPhone and Astaro Security Gateway VPN settings.

This document as well as Astaro's free home user license download is available from the company's website.