iPhone users will soon be able to order prints and postcards through online photo processing agency, ECCE TERRAM.

The company this morning announced new client software for the iPhone that will allow users to order prints using the device.

ECCE TERRAM CEO Frank Simon said: "We think that thanks to the intuitive user interface and the iPhone's multi-touch display this is the first attractive and user-friendly mobile phone photo print application that will be loved by its users."

Users will be able to dispatch orders for books and postcards based on images they take with their iPhone, or using images held on the device imported from a user's existing image collection on their computer.

The photo printing range will begin with a mini-photobook (10x15cm, 16 pages) and a postcard service. The user selects photos, creates a postcard with text and images in the editing tool. The application can pick the postcard's recipients postal address straight from the contact list.

The company expects to present the final version of its service shortly after Apple publishes its Software Development Kit for iPhone. Further information is available here.