iTunes users with an iPhone or an iPod touch can now download and use music streaming software, Dot.Tunes 4, for no charge.

Dot.Tunes 4 is a fully developed audio server application that supports MP3, AAC, AIFF, .wav, MPEG, MP4, and .mov files, allowing you to share your music with others and also to access your larger iTunes library using an iPod touch or an iPhone.

The software contains a custom web server designed specifically to serve the audio tracks at lightning fast speeds.

Using the software a custom DOT.TUNES/Touch interface is displayed on your iPod. You can stream and view all your movies and videos, regardless of the hard drive size of your device.

Advanced features include a flash player, file uploads, podcasting and RSS feed support.

There's a charge for additional plug-ins, such as the Fileserver Plug-in which lets you access files held on your Mac using any internet-connected device.

Accessing media using an iPhone or iPod touch requires the relevant Dot.Tunes 4 plug-in for the device(s) also be purchased, these plug-ins cost $20 per device.