The latest trends in online contractor jobs for the second quarter have been published by, with iPhone-related jobs outstripping those around Android among the trends. There have also been major changes in the social media space.

The data for the Q2 trends came from 190,000 online jobs posted on the website during the quarter. chief executive Matt Barrie said: "Two trends are clear, user activity is moving to mobile devices and this trend won't be reversing any time soon, and secondly the technologies that are winning and which will continue to win are open standards like HTML5."

The rate of growth for new iPhone jobs compared to the previous quarter grew 30 percent to 5,112 new jobs, with Android jobs up 20 percent to 3,444 jobs. iPad jobs accelerated even faster, increasing to 26% in Q2 to 2,308 jobs on the back of the launch of the iPad 2 in the previous quarter.

Generic mobile phone jobs across the board were up 36 percent to 5,709.

Search engine optimisation jobs were down 7.3 percent to 9,397 jobs, and link building projects were down 8.3 percent to 6,529 jobs.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) was up, with virtual assistants up 18 percent to 3,770 jobs, Microsoft Word processing skyrocketing 119 percent to 1,594 jobs, data processing up 16 percent to 21,274 jobs and MS Excel up 13 percent to 22,947 jobs.

Open standards work continued to make progress, with HTML5 rising 20 percent to 2,108 jobs and interactive web technology jQuery up 17 percent to 2,247 jobs.

User interface jobs were up 42 percent to 1,756, Microsoft .NET jobs "fell off the edge of a cliff this quarter", said Barrie - down 39 percent to 2,919.

Facebook-related jobs "fell dramatically" this quarter, down 14 percent to 6,510 jobs, "as advertisers and social media experts started to question the effectiveness and ROI of social media advertising", Barrie said.

It has been reported that General Motors and other large companies were pulling their advertising budgets from Facebook. In addition, Twitter projects dropped 1.3 percent to 2,184 jobs.

Nate Elliott, an analyst at market research firm Forrester, in a recent company blog post, said: "Companies in industries from consumer electronics to financial services tell us they're no longer sure Facebook is the best place to dedicate their social marketing budget - shocking given the site's dominance among users."

In other jobs news, said IT security jobs have increased "almost 50 percent in two years".

The site said there had been a 50 percent increase in jobs advertised in the past three months in comparison to the same period in 2010.

In the IT security sector there has also been a 16 percent increase in permanent salaries to an average £55,000 per year, and daily contractor rates were now £450 - up six percent on last year.