Apple will launch the iPhone in Ireland today.

The news was confirmed last month by O2 Ireland's CEO Danuta Gray, who had high expectations for the launch,

However, potential iPhone customers in Ireland are being presented with an expensive tariff and lack of support for Visual Voicemail at launch. O2 Ireland charges from €399 (£304) for the device and offers a stingy 175 minutes of call time and 100 texts for the entry-level subscription package.

The first Irish reviews of the device are beginning to appear, with one review in the Irish Independent appearing to claim possession of an iPhone makes an owner more attractive to the opposite sex.

That review also states that an O2 Ireland spokesperson says the fees charged there are on par with those in Germany.

Danuta Gray caused controversy last month by inadvertently call Apple fans "freaks". Confirming O2 Ireland's plans to introduce the iPhone in that country in March, Ms. Gray said: "I'd say your Apple freaks will be queuing out the door when we launch."