Apple plans to reveal new enterprise-friendly iPhone features at a special event next Thursday, but the device is already making an impression in corporate America, recent research reveals.

The latest ChangeWave corporate survey of people involved with technology spending decisions across US businesses found that the iPhone is the second most likely product they plan to buy and those who have invested in one are highly satiifed with the device.

The research revealed that despite its 5 per cent share of the corporate market, the iPhone ranked first in corporate smartphone satisfaction, with 59 per cent of Apple’s business customers saying their company was very satisfied with the iPhone.

Blackberry maker Research In Motion (RIM) came in second with 49 per cent, a drop of 8 per cent from the previous survey. RIM was dominant in planned purchases, with 77 per cent of companies planning to purchase a smartphone in the next quarter saying it would come from RIM.

Apple’s iPhone came in second with 11 per cent.