Apple's iPhone could become the biggest-selling handset in the US within the next six months, an analyst has said.

Barry Gilbert, vice president of Strategy Analytics’ BuyerTRAX service, believe that Apple might sell between 1.6-1.7 million iPhones during the current Christmas shopping quarter in the US. And this would make it the top-selling handset in the country.

“The iPhone has momentum that is basically unparalleled,” Gilbert told Forbes. The analyst believes the iPhone is gaining momentum faster than the popular Motorola RAZR, which reportedly sold 750,000 units in the first 90 days.

“If you add up all the RAZR products, it’s still the leading family,” Gilbert said. “But if you look at any given model, like the RAZR v3, the iPhone seems to have surpassed that.”

The top three US mobile handsets in the US currently include: Motorola's RAZR v3, LG's Chocolate and LG's VX 8300.

"The iPhone was originally viewed as a niche product," Gilbert said. "But its design, features and functionality are turning out to have broad appeal."