The latest Net Applications operating system statistics for February 2008 emerged this weekend.

They show Mac OS accounted for 7.46 per cent of internet activity by OS, and reveal that iPhone now holds 0.14 per cent - up from 0.12 per cent in January.

Apple's iPhone is now the world's fourth-largest client OS for accessing the internet, trailing just behind Linux with its 0.65 per cent share.

Apple's 7.46 per cent of Mac usage online is split 4.49 per cent for Intel Macs, and 3.07 per cent for PowerPC machines.

Safari usage dipped ever so slightly from 5.82 per cent to 5.7 per cent, with most users now running Safari 3, Net Applications said. Internet Explorer user continues to decline (now at 74.88 per cent) while the Firefox browser now takes 17.27 per cent of the market.

The web analysis firm assembles its statistics based on data compiled from approximately 160 million visitors per month.