A modern day Fagin orchestrated an elaborate iPhone racket, allegedly buying iPhones with details from stolen credit cards and directing children to pick them up and then resell them on Gumtree for him.

Yi Zhong, 22, from Sydney, has been charged with 58 offences and is said to have bought and resold at least 30 iPhones, spending approximately $30,000, using his victims’ credit card details.

Zhong pleaded guilty to 21 charges at the Burwood Local Court on 7 August, according to The Age. Two of the charges include recruiting a child to carry out or assist in criminal activity.

Zhong also used details from the stolen cards for thousands of dollars’ worth of flights, hotel suites in Brisbane and Melbourne, $347 worth of flowers from Urban Flowers Concord, and two GHD gold hair stylers as well as a rare bottle of Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky costing $5,995.