Apple has reached a deal to offer the iPhone unlocked in Italy while a report claims last week's £100 price cut has led to the 8GB model selling out in the UK.

Respected Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports the iPhone will debut in the country with Telecom Italia. The network will get an exclusive period in which it will offer the 3G iPhone to consumers in the country in a deal agreed last week in Cupertino.

What's unusual about the deal is that Apple is finally moving away from its previous strategy of signing a key network partner in each country, recognising that being tied to a specific network is one of the reasons European sales have been slow.

Price is another matter: it appears O2 and Carphone Warehouse's move to cut £100 off the price of the 8GB iPhone last week has led to a huge number of sales, with shops in Newcastle, Birmingham and London reporting themselves to be out of stock on the new model.

Mobile Today even cites one Carphone Warehouse employee who reportedly said sales had "doubled" since last week's announcement.

Sales of the 16GB model remain sluggish, that report claims.