Apple's iPhone seems set to drive flash memory sales, said WR Hambrecht analyst Daniel Amir last night.

The analyst predicts that Apple products will drive a "counter-seasonal" trend in flash memory sales. He reckons Apple will sell 11 million iPhones in 2007, with a debut at Macworld Expo, San Francisco in January, and predicts between 4-8GB of flash memory in each iPhone.

He also expects MP3-player-enabled phones will sell 130 million units next year.

He also anticipates the release of a 16GB flash-based iPod video player in the first quarter.

And in a second report, analysts at Research and Markets this morning declared that the iPod is "laying the foundation for Apple's television 2.0 business expansion".

This report rebuffs some current thinking, which points out that Apple's online video sales are dwarfed by its music sales. Instead, Research and Markets explains: "Apple's forays into the television 2.0 arena have produced remarkable results to date, and promise to generate for Apple as much, and in all probability far more, revenue than Apple's successful iTunes digital music business."