Apple's is taking multiple steps towards the enterprise mountain tonight, with Apple executives confirming the licensing of the all-essential Active Sync technology from Microsoft.

This is significant not only because it will allow Apple to offer Exchange support for enterprise class iPhone users, but also enabled the company to dose up the mobile with a series of additional features, and business users will be pleased.

In brief, as reports come in, Apple is promising:

- Push email
- Push calendar
- Push contacts
- Global address lists
- Cisco IPsec VPN
- Support for Certificates and Identies
- Better wireless security in the form of WPA2/802.11x
- Enforced Security policies
- Auto device configuration
- Remote Wipe

All these features are exactly what enterprise users require, with the latter feature enabling administrators to erase corporate information remotely from lost or stolen iPhones, preserving corporate data.

Apple also confirmed it has been testing its new enterprise class iPhone software with major corporation, Genentech, and Stanford University. Choosing Genentech for the trial wasn't a random decision, as that company's CEO sits on Apple's board. That company has deployed thousands of iPhones, Apple claimed.

Apple has worked with Nike to test the iPhone in their enterprise environment with Exchange. Roland Paanakker, Nike CIO, calls it plug-and-play. Disney has been testing it too.

Apple's Phil Shciller proclaims the device is "the best mobile device ever in the enterprise."

This story will be updated with additional information as and when it appears.