Apple may introduce a software update for the iPhone this weekend, introducing new features while it maintains its competition with unlockers and hackers.

As originally reported by CNET France, Apple's iPhone 1.1.3 update will introduce two key features which many users have pondered could have been made available when the product first shipped.

Perhaps the most exciting feature is a new voice recording mode. This will allow users to employ the phone's existing microphone to record ambient sounds, such as voice memos. Journalists and researchers may not be able to use this recording feature to record calls, though the remit of the feature isn't yet clear.

The update is also expected to enable use of the iPhone in disk mode. This will allow users to carry files between computers using the device, and is a feature all other iPods already offer.

Security patches are also expected to be bundled in this release.

The update is expected by Saturday, the report claims.