Apple’s iPhone goes on sale in the UK this Friday, 9 November at 6:02pm at Apple, O2 and Carphone Warehouse retail and online stores.

Apple has also confirmed that O2’s iPhone data tariff will be truly unlimited with no fair usage cap.

“We can’t wait for our customers to get their hands on the iPhone this Friday night,” said Ron Johnson, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail. “Every Apple retail store will offer support for iPhone at the legendary Genius Bar, and beginning Saturday morning you can learn how to get the most out of your new iPhone by attending a free workshop or scheduling a personal training session through our popular One-to-One program.”

iPhones will be available at more than 1,300 locations across the UK.

“O2 stores are fully geared up for what will be the year’s biggest product launch,” said Mark Stansfeld, O2’s sales director. “We’ve hired and trained hundreds of new iPhone specialists who will be in all 450 O2 stores giving live demos and showing customers how to get the most out of their iPhone.”

The 8GB, £269 iPhone will be available at more than 1,300 locations across the UK, though sales will be limited to two devices per person and require an 18-month O2 contract.

iPhone users will activate their iPhones using iTunes. Once activated, users can sync all of their phone numbers and other contact information, calendars, email accounts, web browser bookmarks, music, photos, podcasts and TV shows.

Three iPhone tariffs will be available from O2 starting at £35, which all include free unlimited usage of the O2 mobile data network, and unlimited use of The Cloud WiFi network.