Future iPhone users will be predominantly male with an average age of 31-years, new research shows.

Solutions Research Group last night released some of its latest research findings into the future demographic of likely US purchasers of the $499 device.

The research reveals a profile snapshot of US consumers already "definitely interested' in Apple's new mobile phone-cum-internet appliance.

It shows that 72 per cent of first adopters will be male (28 per cent female) with an average age of 31-years.

In terms of age, further demographic breakdown shows 31 per cent of future users will be aged between 15-24; 32 per cent between 25-34; 31 per cent will be aged between 35-49 and 6 per cent of users will be 50-years or older.

The research also shows that 58 per cent of consumers most likely to be among the first wave of iPhone purchasers will have completed college, and that they will have higher incomes than most US consumers.

The research claims iPhone user's $75,600 per year household income will be 28 per cent higher than the national average.

Apple has also managed to succesfully attract potential users beyond its existing iPod market, the research shows, claiming 48 per cent of potential buyers don't currently own an iPod.

Most remarkably, the demographic breakdown stresses the emergence of two new leading technology-focused regions in the US: New York and California. It seems tech-savvy residents of either region will account for an astonishing 43 per cent of total first wave iPhone buyers.

Solutions Research Group released its Digital Life America iPhone analysis for June 2007 to selected media outlets late last night. The results are based on an online survey of 1,230 American consumers in May 2007.