UK Radioplayer, an online catch-up service for radio that will allow web users to access previously broadcast content from hundreds of BBC and commercial stations, has been made available.

The service, which has been dubbed "the iPlayer for radio", currently offers programmes from 57 UK radio stations, such as Radio 4 and Classic FM, although a further 150 local radio stations are thought to be adding their content to the catch-up service over the coming weeks.

As well as having its own website, Radioplayer will be the default audio player on the websites of all of the radio stations taking part and will allow users to swap to other stations without navigating to their website.

UK Radioplayer also lets users search by a number of different categories including station, programme, location or presenter.

"This is less about radio doing something radical and new. It's about bringing what the radio industry is already doing online into one place," Tim Davie, Director of BBC Audio and Music, told The Telegraph.

"Successful aggregation of content can only happen when a platform is truly open like Radioplayer is and it has all of the major content partners on board – which this does. This is how Freeview was set up – which totally changed the digital TV landscape."