AM Micro is shipping MacAlly's combined iPod speaker, alarm clock and AM/FM radio, the TunePro, in the UK.

The multi-function device features a slim, flat panel stereo speaker with an AM/FM radio and alarm clock. The speaker is mirrored, so when the music plays it features a ripple effect across its surface.

The alarm can wake you with a standard alarm beep or your choice of song taken from your iPod. The built-in iPod dock recharges the music player.

The clock display is situated at the top right hand corner of the mirrored panel and has dimmer settings to make it more or less visible. The system ships with three iPod dock adaptors, a stereo 3.5mm line-in jack and a charger. It costs £79.95 (including VAT).

More of the TunePro's useful features include coming with three adapters so it is also compatible with the all dock connector iPods, including the latest nano and iPod touch models. It also sports easy access buttons and configurable settings, a stereo 3.5mm line-in jack, and comes with a charger and user guide.