The iPod classic lives on, having survived yet another round of speculation that Apple was to finally call time on the iconic digital music player.

On a day when Microsoft decided to bury the news of its plans to kill off the Zune family of products, there wasn't a hint that Apple had plans to retire its venerable iPod classic any time soon.

Not stated explicitly, anyway - you can still buy an iPod classic from the online Apple Store - though when Phil Schiller took to the stage to talk iPods, he didn't actually mention the classic at all. He did talk about the shuffle, nano and touch, though.

New iPod touch will come in black and white

So while it's not been removed from the shelves just yet, it looks likely that Apple will run stocks down and not replace them in the near future, with the new iPod touch, which will cost £169 for an 8GB model and £249 for a 32GB model and £329 for the 64GB model when it goes on sale on 12 October, being the flagship of the iPod product line.

Apple has sold 300 million iPods since they first went on sale 10 years ago, 45 million of them in the last year. However, this represents just 8 percent of the company's total sales.