Supplies of the iPod classic are running low, according to reports, with several retailers listing the device as being out of stock.

Apple Bitch said that Best Buy and Target in the US are both quoting weeks rather than days for delivery times on the silver iPod classic. has only five left in stock - four in black, one in silver - at the time of writing. The black version is priced at £239 and the silver £264, both significantly higher than Apple's asking price.

The UK Apple Store lists both colours as being in stock priced at £197 including VAT, with delivery available within 24 hours. Apple Bitch's report notes that delivery times in the US Apple Store for the silver model had slipped to 1-3 days, though it seems to be back down to 24 hours at the moment.

Speculation is mounting that this could mean that the product line will be refreshed with new models soon, perhaps with higher storage capacities - the current iPod classic has a 160GB hard drive.

However, it is the storage issue that has also sparked some speculation that the line could be discontinued altogether. The iPod classic uses a traditional spinning-disc style hard drive, whereas Apple is pushing flash storage in many of its product lines at the moment - the iPhone and iPod touch, the iPad and the MacBook Air.

Last September's music-themed Apple event made no mention of the iPod classic, even though it was widely expected that the device was to be refreshed. Others, though, anticipated the death of the iPod classic.

The last time the iPod classic line was refreshed was September 2009, when it got a capacity boost from 120GB to 160GB.