Apple's iPod continues its dominance at online retail giant, Amazon.

In the UK, iPod's hold eight of the top ten places within Amazon's list of top-selling products, with the 80GB iPod classic the leading model sold by the retailer, followed by the silver 4GB iPod nano, with the 8GB black iPod nano in third place.

The 16GB iPod touch is the fourth most popular iPod model sold by Amazon, despite its £234 (excluding VAT) price on that store. In fifth place sits the 80GB silver iPod classic, with the 8GB iPod touch in sixth place.

The only two non-Apple products among the top ten sellers in Amazon UK's MP3 and Digital Audio categories come from Sony and Creative, with SOny'sNWZA818 Walkman at number eight, and the recently-launched Creative Zen Stone Plus 2GB player at number ten.

Amazon US displays a similar pattern of iDominance, with Apple holding eight of the top ten selling models within the retailers MP3 Players list. Miccrosoft's Zune, while briefly in the top ten, has now slipped to 22nd place.

The silver 4GB iPod nano is the top-selling iPod on Amazon US, followed by the 8GB iPod touch and, in third place, the 80GB iPod classic.

Non-Apple media players among the top ten in the US at time of writing include the Creative Zen 4GB player in seventh and the 1GB Sansa Clip in eighth place.