The world's largest contract maker of electronics products, including the iPod, lifted its investment in China to over $1 billion over the weekend, ensuring users will continue to see low cost IT products rolling out of the country in coming years.

Hon Hai Precision Industry on Saturday unveiled seven new plans that will raise the total value of its investments in China to $1.11 billion.

The company already owns the largest IT exporter in China, Hong Fujin Precision Industry, which suffered intense media scrutiny earlier this year due to allegations it mistreated workers at an iPod factory.

Apple investigated this and was critical of some practices, publishing a report into its findings in August.

Although users may not like some of the facts that surfaced about Hon Hai and its Chinese subsidiary - for instance, it pays workers about $50 per month to assemble the digital music players - continued investment in China is an important factor in keeping the cost of IT products low for users.

Hon Hai said it has actually spent $887.6 million of the investment total so far, while planning for the rest of the funds has already been finalised.

Hong Fujin exported $14.47 billion worth of IT products from China last year, making it number one in that category, according to China's Ministry of Commerce.