iPods, iPhones, PSPs, and Nintendo's Wii and DS Lite seem set to be the top five electronic gadgets under European Christmas trees this year, new research claims.

comScore this morning released the results of its study (assessed during the first three weeks of November) looking into the frequency of online search inquiries for the most popular gadgets in the UK, France and Germany this Christmas.

The Nintendo Wii (with an average of 4.9 million weekly searches) seems the most in-vogue gadget this season, hotly-pursued by the iPod, which drew 3.5 million searches. The Nintendo DS Lite, the Sony Playstation PSP, and the Apple iPhone (1,706,504 searches) complete the top five.

While iPod achieved 1,706,504 searches of its own, the iPod nano received an average of another 287,000 searches each week.

The most popular mobile phone was the iPhone, with the Nokia N95 and Samsung U600 its closest competitors.

ComScore assessed the figures by tracking searches across a clutch of leading electronics devices.