Apple, Adobe, Microsoft and others have been slammed with a cease and desist order that cites the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

The cease and desist message comes from Media Rights Technologies (MRT) and Bluebeat, developers of technology that prevents users from ripping digital media streams, called X1 Secure Recording Control.

They claim that Vista, Flash Player, Real Player, iTunes and the iPod have been produced "without regard for the DMCA or the rights of American Intellectual Property owners." The DMCA allegedly makes it illegal to manufacture products that are designed to circumvent copy protection.

"Together these four companies are responsible for 98 per cent of the media players in the marketplace; CNN, NPR, Clear Channel, MySpace Yahoo and YouTube all use these infringing devices to distribute copyrighted works. We will hold the responsible parties accountable. The time of suing John Doe is over," said MRT CEO Hank Risan.