The iPod, Kylie Minogue and Kate Moss are icons of our time that should be preserved in museums, according to a new survey.

Members of the public were asked which famous faces and consumer objects best epitomised the UK in 2007.

The iPod was the universal favoured choice as an everyday object that should be preserved in a museum.

Routemaster buses, the telegram, the corset and the wind-up gramophone were chosen as the museum pieces that should be brought back into everyday use.

The survey raised some interesting results: Kate Moss was seen as more influential than Nelson Mandela. Tony Blair, meanwhile, didn't rate a mention – though Apple board member Al Gore did make the Top 10 'Most Influential People' list.

The survey was carried out by the Campaign for Museums to mark Museums and Galleries Month. Campaign chairman Loyd Grossman, said: "The results of the survey offer an insight into how we perceive ourselves and how we would like to be remembered in the future. Although whether Kate Moss will bear comparison with Leonardo da Vinci by future generations remains to be seen.”