Technology book publisher O'Reilly has released the sixth edition of its popular book,iPod: The Missing Manual.

The latest title in the David Pogue initiated Missing Manual series is designed to explain to users how they can best use Apple's new breed of multimedia-focused players.

"Not only are there new iPods, there are very different iPods. For example, the nano can now do video," observes author J.D. Biersdorfer. "By the end of my book, readers will understand how the iPod works, not only for playing music and video, but all the other things it can do, like storing phone numbers or keeping your mind working with a few rounds of iQuiz."

Biersdorfer began writing about iPods for Missing Manuals in 2002, and also writes a weekly Q&A computer column for The New York Times.

This book provides a guided tour of everything new in the range: "The touchscreen interface used by the iPod touch first appeared on the iPhone, and it has the potential to really change the way we interact with computers of all types. When you see how easy it is to manipulate photos or tap your way across the web on the touch, you can't help but think about when this technology is going to start dominating the rest of the computers we work on," the author remarks.

The book covers a range of topics, from putting music onto the iPod to setting iTunes up to act at its most effective for your needs.