Up until now, iPod Nano hacking has been limited to various iPod Nano wristwatch concepts floating around. But one intrepid soul figured out a way to remove apps from Apple's current touchscreen iPod Nano.

Mind you, this isn't a jailbreak; James Whelton, the hack creator, stresses that you can't add apps to the Nano (yet).

To achieve this hack, Whelton edited a plist file--also known as a "property list"--which in Apple parlance is a file that stores information on various app settings.

By making a change to this one file, James removed an app's icon from Springboard, the Nano's homescreen app, and added a blank space in its place. While it appears as though this hack simply hides apps from appearing in Springboard as opposed to outright deleting them, this point isn't entirely clear at the moment.

Whelton posted a video showing the hacked Nano.

Whelton also discovered some additional technical tidbits about the Nano, including the fact that it "seems like the OS is a rehashed version of the previous Nano's OS," he noted.

[via Engadget]