A Californian sculptor has won first place for a piece called "Pan With His iPod".

Sculptor Adam Reeder seized first place for the sculpture in The San Francisco Academy of Art University's Annual Spring Show. The piece is part of a larger body of work that aims to explore how technology changes the way western culture interacts with its world.
Reeder explains: "In mythology Pan played his flute and danced in the woods. In my sculpture, the flute is replaced with an iPod. The nature of Pan hasn't changed, but the context in which he is seen has changed. The technology has changed what Pan is doing."

Adam's masters thesis through The San Francisco Academy of Art University is based on a series of sculptures where mythological or classical figures are used to represent Western culture and are combined with modern technological objects to illustrate how technology has changed the way people interact.

The entire series of sculptures with the theme "How Technology Changes the Way Western Culture Interacts With It's World", will be finished by Spring of 2009.