Apple's tiny iPod shuffle is emerging as the company's biggest-seling music player, reports claim.

It seems shoppers are quite taken with the diminutive good looks of the £55 player, despite the absence of a lock button to stop tracks skipping when you stash the device in your pocket.

However, the fact the lock function isn't clearly visible doesn't mean it isn't there: if you want to lock your iPod shuffle, all you need to do is depress the pause button for three seconds, and no commands will function until you depress that button once again.

It appears Apple executives are "thrilled" at the strong sales, which appear to be hitting five million units this quarter. Demand is overtaking supply, according to AppleInsider.

Major online retailer, Amazon, seems to have run out of stock in the US, with the shuffle topping Apple's own online 'top-seller' list.

In the UK, Apple's online store reveals the Product Red iPod nano as the strongest-selling item in-store.