Apple CEO Steve Jobs is on stage presenting the company's special event at the Moscone Centre now.

This page is intended to deliver highlights from his presentation, and to tip you off as to any new news.

News highlights (also see below):

- New breed iTunes with ringtones for sale.
- Replaces every iPod configuration.
- Video for iPod nano.
- iPod becomes iPod Classic, 160GB max capacity.
- iPod Touch is new multi-touch media player with 3.5-inch screen.
- iTunes gains new WiFi Store for iPhone and iPod touch users.
- Apple slashes cost of iPhone - to $399 from $599 for 8GB model.


Apple has introduced a new version of iTunes (which ships tonight in the US), offering new features including ringtones for the iPhone, which cost 99-cents in addition to the cost of the song. Ringtones can be up to 30-seconds long.

Apple has also introduced the iTunes WiFi Store, a searchable store with song previews (see later).

Some statistics, too:

600 million copies of iTunes distributed.
3 billion songs sold.
Number one music store in all 21 countries it operates in
6 million songs in each store
95 million TV shows downloaded
In the US of all the music releases issued, 32 per cent were digital only.


Apple has sold 110 million iPods so far.

iPod shuffle now available in range of pastel colours (silver, light blue, turquoise, green, and a PRODUCT (RED) version. All at 1GB.

iPod nano:

"It's the most popular music player in history. People just love it. We want to make it better, and customers have told us how we can make it better. Customers want to watch video on their nanos on an even larger, brighter display. We'd like to put Cover Flow in, we think it's a great way to browse your music library."

New breed of iPod nano offers a larger, brighter 2-inch display, supports Cover Flow, iPod games and offers larger capacity. Ships with three iPod games, including Vortex.

Battery life: 24 hours audio, 5 hours video playback. Available in 4GB ($149) and 8GB ($199) capacity. In shops by the weekend, Jobs claims (though this may be US only).

More information about the new iPod nano is available here:

Introducing the iPod Classic

The original iPod is now called the iPod Classic. New configurations are metal and thinner than before. Capacity starts at 80GB (now $250) with 30-hours audio playback and six hours of video playback.

Slightly thicker iPod Classic also available featuring 160GB capacity ($350). Offers 40-hours audio playback and seven hours of video playback.

More information about the iPod Classic is available here:

The widescreen iPod- the iPod Touch

iPod gains touchscreen and wide screen and is called the iPod Touch. Looks like an iPhone.

iPod Touch offers same (3.5-inch) size screen as an iPhone and is just 8mm thin. "The new iPod touch. It's one of the seven wonders of the world," says Jobs.

iPod Touch has built-in WiFi, supports CoverFlow and more.

Apple's WiFi iteration means a version of Safari is built-into the device, which is used by iPod Touch users attempting to access a WiFI network. This also means you can use iPod Touch to browse the web - and the device will play YouTube video content or browse Facebook.

Battery life for iPod Touch is 22 hours audio, five hours video playback. The device features a touch-sensitive contextual keyboard.

Two models are available - an 8GB ($299) and a 16GB ($399). Should ship worldwide this month.

More information about the new iPod touch is available here:

Apple has also introdoced the WiFi iTunes Store. Buy music with your iPod Touch. Song previews, purchased songs sync with iTunes, searchable too.

The WiFi iTunes Store is going to be made available in all countries served by iTunes. The service will also be made available to iPhone users who can expect a software update for their device later in the month.

Apple has linked-up with Starbucks - if you are sitting in one of these coffee shops listening to music and like a tune, you can buy that song at the touch of a button. Right. This to be enabled across the US in the months to come.

The company also discounted the price of the 8GB iPhone, cutting this down from $599 to just $399.

Scottish singer/songwriter KT Tunstall played the audience out at the end of the event.