UK chancellor Gordon Brown is an iPod user – but unlike outgoing prime minister, Tony Blair, Brown knows how his music player works.

The Times this morning reports on Brown's appearance on Five News last night, when he was questioned by a panel of ten-year-olds.

Brown talked youth culture with his inquisitors, saying, "I've got an iPod and I know how to use it."

That's a contrast to Blair, who relies on his daughter to get his iPod working. "My daughter Kathryn does all the songs, I'm not very good with the technology, I'm not very good with any aspect of it," he confessed last year.

Brown also confessed to watching Pop Idol and the X Factor, preferring shows like these to reality programmes like Big Brother, because they encourage people to act at their best.

Brown and Blair aren't the only senior members of New Labour to use iPods, UK deputy prime minister John Prescott revealed his secret use of an iPod nano to a Bristol radio station last year.

Prescott, who uses black headphones so as not to stand out as an iPod user in a crowd, revealed that some of his favourite tracks include 'A Town Called Malice' by The Jam, 'Fairground' by Simply Red, and 'Strange Fruit' by Billie Holiday.