iPod owners want Apple to add an FM radio to its players, in particular the iPod nano or shuffle, US research claims.

This latest study was conducted in late February-March by rock radio consultants, Jacobs Media. The survey group consisted of over 25,000 listeners from 69 rock radio stations across the US.

"iPods are showing no signs of stopping," said Fred Jacobs, President of Jacobs Media. "Last year, our data showed that the growth of personal MP3 players was far from over. This year, our new study confirms that this phenomenon continues to have lots of life, and we expect strong growth throughout '07."

Since launching the poll in February 2005, MP3 player ownership has steadily increased – up to 47 per cent since 2006, a 34 per cent increase.

The study asked those who still don't own one of these devices if they intend buying one in 2007. Nearly half (45 per cent) of these iPod-less respondents say they are very or somewhat likely to take the plunge. One in ten (12 per cent) has a strong likelihood to buy one sometime during 2007.

But an FM radio remains the most discussed missing feature, according to the survey group, with 33 per cent of respondents wanting one of these – more important to users than increased capacity, a larger screen, or video playback in importance.