Apple continues to dominate Amazon UK's bestselling MP3 and digital audio charts.

iPods of various colours, capacities and kinds occupy nine spaces in the top twenty bestseller's chart. The majority of other devices filling the remaining eleven positions are products designed to work with an iPod.

The 30GB black iPod is Amazon's biggest seller in the category, followed by the new iPod shuffle in second place. The silver 2GB iPod nano is the fourth-place MP3 device.

The Belkin TuneCast II FM transmitter (the third most popular such gadget on Amazon's charts), two sets of InTempo iPod speakers, the Griffin iTrip Auto FM transmitter and the Griffin iTrip FM transmitter also occupy space in the top twenty.

One set each of Sennheiser and Sony headphones (which work with any device, including iPods) also occupy a space in the chart. Just four non-Apple iPod related or compatible devices have any presence in Amazon UK's top-selling list.

Amazon US reflects the same tendency. It lists the top twenty biggest-selling MP3 players from its site, once again led by sales of the 30GB iPod and 1GB iPod shuffle. Apple occupies 12 places among the top twenty biggest-selling MP3 players through Amazon US.

Microsoft's Zune stands in sixteenth place on the US sales chart.