iPod users can look forward to listening to crystal-clear digital radio on their players, thanks to Intempo and the company's latest product, the iDAB.

iDAB (£59.99) is a tiny digital radio that's equipped with an iPod dock connector. Users can click it onto the base of their iPod to listen to digital radio while on the move, but the device will also connect to and dock-equipped iPod speaker, instantly transforming that system into a DAB radio.

The device is less than 40mm square. Play, search and scrolling for stations are all controlled by the side buttons on the device and the four line LCD screen displays information such as radio station or song details. Ten presets are also included to save favourite stations.

iDAB is scheduled to reach high street electronics stores in the UK next month (December), just in time for Christmas. It will be made available in a range of iPod-matching colours.

Talking the talk, Intempo's marketing manager, Katie Richards, said: "Intempo was the first to converge iPod speaker-docks with digital radio with its RDI and the iDAB continues this trend; being the only DAB accessory currently on the market with dual iPod and dock functionality."