Apple's iPod and other portable media players are social networkers' 'Most prized possesions', says Protect Your Bubble.

Research by the online insurance firm, which was conducted on Facebook, revealed that 12 per cent claimed their personal music player was the gadget most important to them.

BlackBerry smartphones came a close second with 11.5 per cent and were closely followed by iPhones, which were named by 10 percent of social networkers as their 'Most prized possession'.

The remainder of the top five was made up by laptops and dogs, which both gained nine percent of the votes.

However, traditional 'prized possessions' such as wedding rings came bottom of the list.

Apple iPod touch

"With the iPod evolving so much since its release it has clearly won a place in our hearts. The popularity of the device over laptops and smartphones is quite revealing and we offer competitively priced policies to cover the entire range of gadgets," said Stephen Ebbett from Protect Your Bubble.

"Perhaps some of the results show more about the demographics and preferences of Facebook users, with wedding rings and cars so far down the scale, but the iPod definitely seems to still rule as the gadget of choice."