iPod case and accessory manufacturer iSkin has introduced three Bluetooth audio accessories for iPod, with its Cerulean range of products.

The three initial products in the range include the Cerulean TX, a stereo Bluetooth 2.0 transmitter; the RX, which is a Bluetooth-equipped receiver; and the Cerulean F1, a set of stereo Bluetooth 2.0 earphones.

The TX can be used with an iPod and also with a Mac or PC for wireless audio streaming. It will automatically connect to an RX-equipped speaker when you plug your iPod in.

The F1 combines a stereo Bluetooth earphone with a mono mobile headset and will receive audio from a TX equipped iPod or a stereo Bluetooth mobile device. It also integrates with a mobile phone, automatically pausing your iPod when you take a call.

UK pricing hasn't yet been announced, but the TX and RX together cost $149.99 while the F1 costs $129.99 in the US.