iSuppli will host an incisive look at the iPhone and its immediate impact on the entertainment and mobile phone industry on 28 November.

The analysts are hosting an event entitled, Apple's iPhone and its immediate impact on the entertainment industry on Wednesday, 28 November at 8.30am US Pacific time (around 4.30pm, UK time).

The researchers reveal that more than 1.1 billion mobile phones will be shipped worldwide in 2007 - but only 4.5 million iPhones - giving the product only a fractional percentage of the total market.

"Why does iSuppli believe that a device with such miniscule market share will have a revolutionary impact on the mobile multimedia market?" asked David Carnevale, vice-president of multimedia content and services for iSuppli.

"The simple answer is: It’s easy to use, so it promotes greater usage. But in fact, the iPhone is influencing a complex web of technologies, business arrangements, competitors and consumer expectations that will have a huge impact on all participants in the global mobile-handset, multimedia and entertainment industries," he adds.

The event aims to show how participants in the multimedia, handset and semiconductor markets can learn from Apple’s iPhone strategy, and asks how important 3G really is to multimedia handsets.

The webinar will also take a look at Apple's iPhone product roadmap, and its potential impact on other company strategies.