High-end IT infrastructure management software solutions from MIR3 have been made usable through the iPhone and iPod touch.

The fully-fledged enterprise notification and command interface for Apple's devices lets administrators access MIR3's web-based management applications using the built-in Safari browser.

Aimed at corporate executives and IT administrators, the solution lets users initiate emergency notifications and remotely manage enterprise notification systems and response teams using the devices.

"Apple's new generation mobile communicator is growing in popularity among corporate users because of their larger screen sizes, easier-to-use touch screen keyboards and anywhere network access," said Amir Moussavian, CEO of MIR3. "With this new application, MIR3 has empowered the Apple iPhone as a remote emergency command device.

"We believe that as iPhone is adopted more widely and accepted as an enterprise communications device, corporate iPhone users will represent an important segment within the mobile-enabled enterprise notification and emergency response industry."

MIR3's iPhone interface also functions as an automated mobile command dashboard that lets executives instantly notify and initiate live voice conferences among team members.

MIR3's automated Intelligent Notification solutions include: inEnterprise, inGovAlert, inCampusAlert, inTechCenter, inAlertCenter, inWebServices and inConnect.

Users include TicketMaster, Match.com, Belkin, the US Air Force, Homeland Security's National Medical Response Teams, The American Red Cross, LA County Department of Health and the County of Orange, California.