iPhones are the most popular mobiles on the Christmas wish lists of 13 to 25-year-olds in the US.

New research into the shopping habits of the so-called 'Generation Y' demographic reveals that Apple is making waves across the sector, with computers from the company (and also HP) making it onto the "must-have" lists of the sample group.

Consumer electronics manufacturers seem set to benefit from increased spending on the part of Gen-Y consumers, 34 per cent of whom say they plan to spend more than $300 on such devices this Christmas.

Video game consoles, computers and MP3 players are the most-desired gifts across 54 per cent of the sample group, with desktop and laptop computers from Apple and HP also holding their own in the gift space vanguard.

The statistics drawn from the survey of 1,175 Gen-Y consumers are a "bellwether for up-and-coming consumer trends", said Murtaza Hussain, chief executive officer at Peanut Labs. "Their choices this holiday season will not only affect their direct spend, but also directly influence the overall family holiday spend. These results should prove intriguing for companies like Apple, HP, Nintendo or Amazon, which top Gen-Y's list this year."