1. Get the iTunes 11 Sidebar back

If you're missing the Sidebar you can quickly get it back by pressing Option + Command + S

iTunes 11 Sidebar

2. Show iTunes U and Ringtones

If you are looking for iTunes U or Ringtones, you'll find them in iTunes > Preferences > General. Tick the boxes next to the options you want to appear in the Library Drop-down menu (the button in the top-left of iTunes 11).

3. Album art and missing Library info

If you're looking for the Album Art option (or some of the Library control info) you'll find this now tucked away inside the File > Library menu (the Advanced menu is now gone).

Inside iTunes > Preferences > Store Preferences you'll also find an option called 'Share details about your Library with Apple'. Ticking this enables iTunes to automatically get album covers and other information related to your Library.

iTunes 11 Get Album Art

4. Status bar

Want to get the Status Bar back. Choose View > Show Status Bar or press Command + /

iTunes 11 Status Bar


You might be wondering where the Downloads option has gone from the Sidebar. Downloads has its own separate window now, like Safari. When you're downloading items a small blue download icon will appear in the top right of the iTunes Application Window. Tap it to open up the separate Downloads window.

iTunes 11 Downloads

6. Redeem code with Facetime camera

A great new feature in iTunes Store is the new ability to redeem Apple Store cards by simply holding the redeem code up to the FaceTime Camera. Unfortunately, this system is only working in the US at the moment, but it's bound to be activated in the UK soon. To see this simply click on Store then choose Redeem in the sidebar and click Use Camera.

iTunes 11 Redeem Code

7. Keep Mini Player and Movies on Top

You can keep the Mini Player on top of the Desktop all other windows by choosing iTunes > Preferences and 'Keep Mini Player on top of all other windows'. You can also 'Keep film window on top of all other windows' as well if you like, this is good if you like to have movies playing while you work.
Combine this with assigning iTunes to all windows and both the Mini Player and movies will stay in one place while you work. Right Click the iTunes icon in Dock and choose Options > All Desktops. Now the iTunes Mini Player and any movies you're playing will stay with you as you move around.

iTunes 11 Mini Player on top

8. Navigate the iTunes LCD Display

The iTunes LCD typically displays album art, track information and controls. But sometimes there will be more information available (such as when you are download tracks, burning, or importing CDs). In these instances you'll see two arrows appear on the right side of the iTunes LCD display. Click these to move through the different types of navigation.

iTunes 11 LCD Display

9. Drag Tracks to Sidebar

iTunes 11 introduces a really neat way to quickly drag tracks and add them to Playlists (to save you from having to turn the Sidebar back on). Click a track in Songs and drag it to the right, you'll see a sidebar appear on the right side of the application window. Drag and drop the track to the Playlist that you want.

iTunes 11 Drag and Drop

10. Moving Movies in iTunes 11

iTunes 11 introduces a new Movies category called Home Movies. This is further separation of your personal videos (legal or otherwise) from those you've purchased from the App Store. Videos you add to iTunes will be placed into Home Movies (part of films) by default, but you can move them to Films or TV Shows by right-clicking the movie and choosing Get Info. Now choose Options and choose Film, TV Show, Music Video from tjhe rop down list.

iTunes 11 Moving Movies

11. Downgrade to iTunes 10

If you really aren't that happy with the features in iTunes 11 you can attempt to downgrade back to iTunes 10. Windows users are in luck, and this article will help you get iTunes 10 back on your PC. Mac OS X users will have to wait for now while we test out a means to downgrade, but where there's a will there's a way. Click here to read our guide to Downgrading iTunes 11 to iTunes 10.